Co-Founder of Eph Apparel

Born out of the frustration of finding suits that were both affordable and well-fitted, Eph Apparel was founded in 2010 with the mission of dressing every man in a custom designed suit that fits – regardless of the size of his wallet. By utilizing an unique approach, Eph Apparel offers each customer the ability to be the architect of his own suit at a fraction of the price at a traditional retailer.

Eph Apparel’s  initial vision was “make shopping better, accessible and affordable for men’s suits and dress shirts.” By embracing technology, and leveraging multiple sales channels, we continue to make shopping easier, more personable, and more accessible than ever before.

Eph Apparel is accessible via stores, pop-up showrooms, a network of personal style reps, and a soon to be released, e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrates and merges the in-person shopping experience with mobile and online shopping. Customers will be able to use the same mobile device to shop both in-person or online, access their past orders, measurement profiles, or schedule an appointment with personal style advisors, offering a truly seamless experience.