Owner Friday Knights Clothing & Accessories

Friday Knights is a Canadian lifestyle brand founded on the ideals of street culture. Eric Olek started Friday Knights as a creative outlet for his troubled upbringing and as a way to positively connect with the hip hop scene in Winnipeg. In the six years since his selling his first 300 shirts out of the trunk of a friend’s car, Olek has turned the brand into a hometown success story – from springing up in pop up shops all over the city and wholesaling across Canada, to opening his permanent flagship store in the Exchange District. Today, Olek focuses on creating quality, Canadian made pieces, designed for urban utility and using Friday Knights as a platform to elevate local street culture by creating opportunities for artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.

Eric essentially manages all the components necessary to create and release a collection of apparel, ship it to stores and have it promoted through various media channels – all while keeping up with the back end of the business and constantly creating new and exciting product.