Creating your collection’s vision

Now this is the fun part! Put your creative thinking cap on and start visualizing your first collection. To help you with this, you need to create a mood board.

A mood board is a visual summary of your collection’s inspiration. It is the focus of all your styles. All your designs for your first collection should stem from this theme.

Creating your mood board for your collection

Your mood boards set the tone for the collection. Aside from inspiration, most designers use their mood boards to communicate to their team and maintain cohesiveness.

Your mood board should:

  • Have elements that complement each other
  • Have a cohesive look
  • Be consistent with your brand

Your mood board can be based on a colour scheme, a period in history, a type of fabric or print, or even a foreign place. It shouldn’t be limited to fashion items. You can add nature-related photos, art images, sports or action shots, and more. There are many sources of inspiration out there. Make a habit of taking pictures or pinning on your Pinterest boards. You’ll never know when your creative spark will hit you.

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